More about us...

The Glory Days Sports Grill restaurants are owned and operated by Dick and Nancy Brown, who opened their first restaurant in 1993 in Lakewood, CA. Originally called the 'Bavarian Room', the name was changed after a few years to Glory Days Sports Grill. Ultimately, the Browns have created a cool, hip, happenin' hamburger place that is a community treasure!

Early on, they encouraged customers to bring in pictures of their own 'Glory Days', and those photos line the walls today! Glory Days Sports Grill's catch phrase is "Where everybody knows your FAME!" This has created a great perspective of the amazing athletes that have thrilled us over the years in Lakewood.

The Browns have built their success by surrounding themselves with great people, who work hard, and are passionate about the business. The initial support from local residents Art Ballou and Vern Olsen, helped define the quality taste of the famous hamburgers and old-school pickled eggs. Their staffs are fast, friendly, and courteous - always trying to make your time with them exceptional. 

Avid Lakewood lovers, Dick and Nancy are dedicated to giving back to the community and often go out of their way to help support various fundraising events for local non-profit organizations. Their passion for the city is clearly summed up by Dick, "Lakewood is the best city in the U.S.A!".

Over the past few years, with the success of the Lakewood Grill, the Browns decided to open up a second location on PCH in Seal Beach - the Glory Days Seaside Grill! It offers the same great experience that has kept their customers happy and returning on a regular basis.

We hope you stop by and join us! We would love to hear what you think about our locations! 

We are always striving to be better each day! We appreciate your support!


The Glory Days Sports Grill Restaurants are not affiliated 

with the Glory Days Grill on the East Coast.